NSL Rules


AS OF 11/1/2013


I. Team & Player Eligibility

A. No player under 18 years of age will be allowed to participate and no high school students are eligible to play.

B. Players may participate on one team only.

C. The league is 8v8 including a keeper.  There must be two women on the field at all times (this can include a goalie).  If a team cannot field two women, they will play a man down. If they cannot field any women, they will play two men down.

D. Each team is limited to a 16-player maximum on their roster.

E. Unlimited substitutions are allowed during a game.  Substitutions need to be recognized by the referee before entering the field.

F. Rostered players must appear in at least 3 games during the regular season to be eligible for playoffs.

G. New players may not be added after the fourth regular season game unless approved by the league (see I below).

H.  If a player leaves a team, after sitting out one game, they can sign with another team.

I. Teams who lose players during the season through injury or other reasons may request to obtain permis­sion to have those players permanently released from the roster and replaced.


II. League & Playoff Procedures

A. Players must appear in three regular season games in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

B. Playoffs will include the top 8 teams

C. Awards will be given out to the league winner and playoff winner.


III. Forfeits

A. Forfeit time is 6 minutes after game time. If a team is not ready to start 6 minutes after the scheduled game time, with at least 5 players, the game will be a forfeit and a win will be awarded to the opposing team.

B. A forfeit is recorded as a loss by 3-0. In the event of a double forfeit, both teams receive a loss.

C. If a team forfeits two games, they become subject to being dropped from the league.

D. There shall be no postponement of a game unless requested by both teams 48 hours before start of the game.

E. Teams that drop out or are dropped from the league lose any playoff rights and the right to reclaim any part of their entry fee.
IV. Player Conduct

A. The captain shall be the official representative of the team unless they designate one of the players as a temporary captain prior to the game.

B. If a player receives a red card they will be automatically ejected from the game and will serve a one game suspension from their next game.

C. Collecting three yellow cards in the regular season will result in a one game suspension.  5 yellows will result in a 2 game suspension.

D. Suspensions can be extended for violent conduct, flagrant fouls or other conduct deemed against the rules.

E. Captains are responsible to see that their players are familiar with these rules.


V. Pre-Game Rules

A. Teams will be allowed pre-game warm-ups only if time permits.

B. Captains will be expected to give game stats to the league representative after each game (goal scorers, bookings)




VI. Playing Time

A. A game shall consist of two 30-minute halves, with an 5-minute period between halves. The referee will keep the official game clock. Teams will be given a countdown warning as time begins to expire.

B. In the case of a tie game in the playoffs, a 10-minute (2  – 5 minute halves) overtime will commence. Concurrent with FIFA rules the team leading after the full overtime period will be declared the winner.  If the game is still tied at the end of this, a penalty kick shoot-out will begin.


VII. Rule Exceptions

A. Unless otherwise stated, Official FIFA rules govern league play.

B. Teams may start and continue with five registered players—but may not start with less than five. If five players are pres­ent at game time, the game will begin on time.  If less than five players are present, the team will forfeit.

C. There are no offsides called in the NSL.

D. Slide tackling players is strictly prohibited. This will result in an automatic yellow card and further punishment is at the discretion of the referee.  Note: sliding to block the ball, a shot or to keep a ball in bounds is legal – Just not when a player has the ball.


VIII. Referees

A. There will be one official on the field.

B. On field officials will be made up from league players.  These officials are expected to be unbiased and educated about the official rules of soccer.  Officials will be paid $20.00 per game refereed.

C. Any complaints or issues with referees should be placed through the league commissioner.


IX. Weather Updates

A. Due to the season of NSL’s play, weather will most likely be an issue.  Games will be played in most conditions and every effort will be made by the league to have games each week. Teams are expected to be able to field a full team each week.   If there is any question about the status of a game, a notice will be posted on the league site, with information as far as plans to reschedule. The game officials may also call a rainout due to unsafe field conditions.   Captains can contact the league commissioner if there are any questions.


X. Insurance

A. Participants in recreation activities sponsored by the NORTHSIDE SOCCER LEAGUE are not covered in any manner for personal liability or property damage. PLAYERS ARE COMPETING IN THIS PROGRAM AT THEIR OWN RISK.  The NORTHSIDE SOCCER LEAGUE and its employees are not responsible for any injuries or other damage occurring during gameplay or at any sanctioned events.  By taking part in the league, each player acknowledges this.  This includes guests of league participants.



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